About Tim

I have practiced and found inspiration in hatha and vinyasa yoga for more than 20 years. In 2001 a new yogic space odyssey began when I transformed two beautiful rooms in the downtown Santa Cruz Vet’s Hall and created One Yoga Center. I’ve had the great privilege of hosting and learning from a wide circle of luminous teachers, friends, mentors and places – Phil, Maya, Rusty, Scott, Janet, Steph, Darren, Sianna, Dr. Svaboda, Esalen, Maui, Yogamotion, Mexico, Urban Flow. I went from “doing” yoga to “being” yoga. As my physical body changed, my personal, emotional and spiritual bodies crumbled and were reborn. I felt revitalized, patient and expansive. Relationships changed too, some friends fell away and new ones appeared.

After serendipitously completing a 200 hour teacher training in 2006, I began teaching classes in 2010. Which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I found the profoundly supportive community of Divinitree where I’m privileged to lead classes today. The opportunity to merge yoga with my work and service as the Executive Director of Grey Bears came in 2010. How great is that?

For me, yoga is multifaceted, transformative, unpredictable, difficult and endlessly fascinating. It asks us to strengthen, bend and shape our body, control our breath, occasionally defy gravity and love ourselves just as we are. Among it’s myriad benefits it connects us to our infinite divine power – power to shift awareness, to change deeply embedded patterns and discover ourselves anew.

My classes are a dynamic blend of strength-building movement and body-opening stillness designed to simply bring us more fully into a blissful present moment. And hopefully someplace even deeper.

RYT 200-hour certified.